Vacuum packaging material from EURO-PAC Unterrainer GmbH in Erl / Tyrol

Aroma proof and protect

In case of vacuum packaging above all are food has to be in focus of interest.

Trough tear resitent and puncture safely foils you have the guarantee for longer durability also the goods don't retain odeurs.

Packed in bags or tubulars, ideally crease free, fit tightly around, the product comes out better.

Vacuum packaging – not only for food

Even non-food products, such as technical or chemical products, require a vacuum pack for protection, or even a sterile packaging that is designed to prevent a chemical reaction with other substances or gases. Take a look at our product portfolio. Of course, we are happy to advise you and also offer you a print on request Please call us +43 5373 8350 or send us an inquiry.

Thermoforming foils from EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Of course all sealing layers produced by us are individually adjustable.

For example, coloured, peelable (against itself or against PVC, APET, PS and PP), with antifog kit, with ionomer, EVA etc. Gasbarrier foils as well as hard foils up to 300µ are in our standard programm.

Our compound foils distributed throughout europe, our sales departement will gladly advise you, without obligation.

Compound foils example:

Duplex lamination

  • OPA / PE
  • PA - EVOH - PA / PE
  • PA / PE
  • PETP / PE
  • PETP-HB / PE

Triplex lamination

  • PETP / PETP met. / PE
  • PETP / PETP / PE
  • PETP / PA - PE
  • PP / PA - PE

Hard foils to 300µ

  • A - PET / PE
  • G - PET / PE
  • PVC / PE
  • PP / PE
  • A - PET / PE

VAK – Tape from EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Vak Tape sealing bags, with tear off strips, are made from PA/PE (Polyamid /Polyethylen) for easy opening hermetically sealed vacuumbags. Gently pulling on the Vak-Tape the package will open directly, clean and effectively. The Vac-Tape works even at storage conditions from -60°C to +90°C, humidity and coldness have no effect to the tear off strips. The Vac-Tape also complies to the European and US rules for the contact between packaging materials with food. Our standard quality, our store program, belongs to the thickness form PA / PE proportion 90µ - 20 / 70. Other thickness or special format please ask for!

Cooking Bags – EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Tubular cooking bags:

  • It is a three layer laminated bag
  • PA/BA/PE (Polyamid/bonding agent/Polyethylen)
  • From -40°C to +115°C
  • PA / PE percentage 90µ - 20/70

Cooking shrink bags:

  • Especially for cooking ham

Sealed cooking bags:

  • OPA/PP (Oriented Polyamid/ Polypropylen)
  • From -40 °C to +121 °C
  • OPA / PP percentage 85µ - 15 / 70
  • Thickness possible up to 180µ

Other thickness or special format upon request.

Shrink bags – EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Use for the bag is also recommended for ageing (maturing) meat with a longer shelf life, less drying out and as transport packaging with very good mechanical properties.

The bags have excellent barrier and protection laminations, that your product is more long fresh and long lasting.

Available with end or transversal seal, taped or untapped, plain or printed, suitable for all packaging machines.

Foil thickness suitable:

  • 45µ - meat
  • 70µ - poultry , hard products
  • 90µ - extra hard products with bones

Other thickness or special format upon request.

Special versions shrink bags:

  • Flexo – print up to 8 colors
  • Single color continuous stamp print
  • With EVOH – barrier-layer (Ethylenvinylacetat)

Tubular bags – EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Tubular bags made from laminated foil.

PA/PE (Polyamid / Polyethylen) garanted properties like aroma protection, oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, high transparency and puncture resistence, also excellent sealing properties.

Our standard / store program: Foil thickness PA – PE percentage:

  • 90µ - 20/70
  • 100µ - 20/80
  • 120µ - 20/100
  • 150µ - 40/110

Other thickness or special format upon request

  • Single color continuous print for EEC number
  • Side gusseted tubular bags
  • Labelling with individual labels with EAN code is also possible

Fleece VAC bags, structured bags – EURO-PAC Erl/Tyrol

Our standard / store EUROLAM PA/PE structured bags program:

Foil thickness 90µ - PA/PE - 20/70

Other thickness or special format upon request.

Please notice, all formats are underpacked to 100 pieces.

  • 90
  • 90
  • 90
  • 90
  • 90


  • 150
  • 160
  • 200
  • 250
  • 300


  • 300
  • 250
  • 300
  • 350
  • 400

Carton contents

  • 2000
  • 2400
  • 1600
  • 1000
  • 800

Sealing bags EURO-PAC Erl / Tyrol

Sealing bags, 3 side sealing, useable for vacuum packaging and gassing from foods. Sealing bags made from laminated foil PA/PE (Polyamid/Polyethylen) have very good properties as good weldability, water vapour tight, oxygen barrier, excellent aromaprotection, high tear resistents against mechanical loads and a very excellent printability.

Our standard / store program: Foil thickness PA - PE percentage

  • 75 µ - 15/60
  • 90 µ - 20/70
  • 100µ - 30/70
  • 130µ - 30/10
  • 150µ - 30/120
  • 170µ - 40/130
  • 220µ - 70/150

Other thickness or special format upon request

Special versions EUROLAM PA/PE sealing bags:

  • Hanging bags with round whole or euro whole with or without strengthening
  • Tear open cut or notch for easy opening
  • Sealing bag without bottom seam sealing (two-side-vacuumbag)
  • Single-side printed with check patterns in red, green or blue
  • Single continuous print for EEC number
  • Conical bags for packing liquids such as soups
  • Triangle bags for packing form special products
  • Bottom folding pouches with folded bottom for using as stand-up bags
  • Trapez bags or half trapez bags for packing dry ham and bacon
  • Two-chamber bags for packing portions
  • Standard print: cold meat, Sauerbraten, BBQ fried sausages, BBQ specials, belly from pork, trout fillets
  • Vacuum bags made from PET/ met. PE ( Polyethylen / metalized Polyethylen) the front side is transparent and the back is optionally gold / silver or silver / silver

Underpacked 50 to 200 pieces

Labelling with individual labels with EAN code is possible.